Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why do I write?

Yeah - why do I write? It's a question many people have asked me, and which I have asked myself more than once. I often tell myself, "heck, what's the point?". I mean, there are so many blogs out there, what more could I have to say? But then I'm like, well that's a pretty self-demeaning thing to say... And my blog is partly about just that, finding my voice as a Mum, but also as a human being trying to find her way on this planet and in this mayhem of life options and journeys.

Then last week, honest and inspiring blogger Angela at The Sponge wrote about why she wrote, and asked me if I'd be keen to be part of this blog nomination chain thing where you tell everyone who's interested in reading you why you write. I love reading Angela's blogs. She's honest and straight up and I can often relate to her. So I was more than keen to take up the challenge. Yes! I thought. Here's a good excuse to really think about this.

Anyway, I better get to the list of questions I'm supposed to be answering!

Why do I write?

I guess for me, writing has always been about just that: thinking more deeply about things. There's a kind of magic that goes on between my brain, my heart and my fingers when it comes to writing. Once things are written down, I see everything more clearly! I so wish I had the energy to get up and write in the middle of the night when my brain is going round and round in circles. Sigh - the sad truth is I can't lift my head off the pillow or dare to wake up my husband in the process. And so the thin threads of inspiration, the faint hue of clarity which are teasing me at the horizon of my brain disappear into dark slumber. And I wake up in the morning thinking, "darn, that would have been an awesome blog post! or an awesome poem!"

How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

Well that's a hard one to answer because I haven't read all the blogs out there. But, I guess I write as I would talk to you if we were face to face. I want to feel close to my readers, and them to feel close to me.

How does my writing process work?

Usually I'm most inspired when sitting in a cafe people watching and drinking good quality coffee. You know, the "well-balanced just the right heat" kind of coffee. I'll sit there with my notebook and hand write my posts first usually, then type it up when I have some time, add gorgeous photos, and put my article online. There are only a very few cafes where I find inspiration.

I always have blog article ideas going around in my head, and quite a few that I have started writing and will finish at a later date. Often, I'll just sit there, sip my coffee and the words just flow out of me. I've always been complimented on my writing and always had great marks on my essays. I've written poems since I was 8 years old. I just love writing. It's something that comes naturally to me.

What am I working on?

Well, nothing really, other than what I'm writing to you right now. I don't have any other big writing projects on the go, but I do dream of writing a book one day. I sometimes tell people that "I have a book in me somewhere, but I haven't found it yet". Exciting!


Why do I write what I do?

First and foremost, I write for myself. Because I need to. Because I become this miserable frustrated grumpy person when I don't.

Secondly, I write in the hope that laying myself bare on the big public platform will help and encourage you, my reader. That you will not feel so alone in your struggle with weight loss or depression or parenthood. That you will find inspiration for yummy food.


And now it's nomination time!

While I happily volunteered to be tagged on The Sponge, I'm a little uncomfortable about tagging someone else. I would however love love love to hear why my very long time friend Abby, who is an amazing Missionary Mum, writes. I would also love love love to read why my sweet friend Elisabeth writes. So if you're keen to play along, ladies, and would like to tell us why you write (to post next Monday), let me know and I'll add a link to your blogs!


  1. Fantastic post, Ann--thanks for sharing your answers and for tagging me! I enjoyed picturing you sipping your perfect coffee and scribbling down thoughts you can process in peace... dreamy! I'd love to join the club and try to write a response this week.

  2. you have a great eay with words Ann. Would love to see some of your poetry if you are willing to share. gillian

  3. Wonderful! I know just what you mean about those great ideas you have at night! I've enjoyed hearing about your writing process, and your long time love of writing. I'm very curious to know which are the best cafes for inspiration!
    Thanks for writing - this and all your posts. Connection with others over the had stuff is such a precious thing.