Saturday, March 9, 2013

Food, Glorious Food!

The other day, I turned my nose to the most exquisite looking chocolate eclair! It looked perfectly puffy, oozing with cream and laced with chocolate sauce... Oh torture! I grabbed my take-away cappuccino and high-tailed it out of the newly opened Titahi Bay Cafe 236. I however highly recommend this new family held cafe as all their food looks scrumptious and their coffees rock.

Ah Food, Glorious Food! On Tuesday the 26th February 2013, my scales indicated without a doubt that I had reached my goal. I had lost 20kgs! I jumped for joy and would have climbed on my roof to shout it to all the neighbours if our roof wasn't so high. I'm onto phase 3 of my diet: stabilisation!

I can now eat a little cheese every day...

I can enjoy one fruit a day... Oh the taste of that mango with my yogurt!!!

I can very slowly chew 2 slices of wholemeal bread a day (bread was my biggest love in life before I met my husband and had kids by the way)...

I can have carbs one meal a week. And... I am allowed one CELEBRATION meal a week! Don't you love that name? Let's just celebrate food! For my first celebration meal I was out at a local pub with some girlfriends and I chose a good ol' burger and fries!

I enjoyed it and battled with guilt at the same time. Ha ha. I only ate about two thirds of what was on my plate though. Then I ordered dessert - because I could and only just managed half. I was so full and it was soooooo sweet (remember I haven't had any sugar since October). But hey, it felt good to be able to order dessert.

Last week, we had pizza for my celebration meal. I love pizza. My bread-maker takes care of the dough, then you can just about put anything on it! So much healthier than bought pizza, and my daughter absolutely loves helping.

I so enjoyed myself that night and we had raspberry ice-cream for dessert. My Grandma's recipe. It is THE MOST DELICIOUS ice cream ever! And I'm not too sure I want to share it. If enough of you beg for it, maybe it will be in my next post ;-p.

So hey, let's celebrate good food. Let's savour every single mouthful. Let's think about all the flavours tickling our taste buds.

Oh and by the way, I'm curious... If you hadn't had cheese, carbs, fruit or sugar for the past 5 months, what would your celebration meal be (you can have 1 entree, 1 main and 1 dessert, all in restaurant proportions)? Looking forward to hearing from ya! x


  1. Well now!
    STARTERS: French fish soup with dash of cream (let's pretend i don't have dairy intolerance!)and a poppy seed roll with butter
    MAINS: Deep fried scampi and chips with a huge salad, or garden peas
    DESSERT: strawberries, merringue & cream, obviously!!!

  2. Mums roast lamb with cauliflower cheese. Then blue cheese pear and spicy ginger biscuits!